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  The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to rectify to the greatest possible extent whatever adverse features affect a patient, whether due to heredity or simple aging. The ultimate goal should always be the raising of the patientís satisfaction and self-confidence. Patients without a clear-cut idea of what they have in mind as their appearance post-operatively, should not be undertaken for surgery in their own best interests, since the surgeon may not be able to help them achieve their expectations. A suitable patient should be sufficiently motivated, when having a cosmetic operation, in order to be able to comply with a few restrictions in her activities that the surgeon may require during the first few post-operative days.

The final result is dependent on various factors including, of course, the skill and clinical experience of the surgeon, but also on factors such as the patientís age, overall state of health, skin texture, body contour and healing properties. Also, the patientís expectations will influence her perception as to whether the result was successful or not. At consultation the patient must be given a fair account of what to expect in terms of the final result but also a statistical estimate of any potential complications which may arise ,however rare. Fortunately, the latter with proper planning and careful patient selection are quite infrequent.

Dr Philippou carries out most of the relatively minor operative procedures, which require only local anaesthesia, at his own office suite.

All other more elaborate operative procedures are carried out at major private clinics which include multiple other specialities, surgical and otherwise. These are fully equipped with all modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and are rigorously regulated and fully certified by the Ministry of Health of Cyprus in order to conform with the relevant directives stipulated by the European Union.

A large spectrum of reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures are undertaken with the greatest attention and diligence in keeping with the training Dr Philippou has received in the UK and USA.