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  Face Lift


With aging the skin and underlying tissues of the face lose their elasticity and gradually sag. This is more evident around the fair line and the neck.

The operation aims at tightening the above mentioned structures and also very importantly remove the excess skin.

The incision is well hidden starting at the hairline of the temple, continuing downwards in front of the ear and then behind it disappearing at the hairline of the upper neck.

It is best done under general anaesthesia and the patient stays overnight in the clinic for 24 hours.

The sutures are removed in three stages over a period of 15 days.

Face Lift Before

Face Lift After

There is no post –operatively. The results last for many years depending on the state of the skin.

The impact on the appearance of the patient is dramatic and this, in turn, has a very beneficial effect on the patient’s moral and self-confidence.