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  Thigh lift

  Frequently in those individuals who lost a lot of weight there is a resultant skin looseness which is very unsightly.

This greatly limits the activities of the women especially as regards engaging in sports, finding proper clothing, appearing on the beach, etc.

The incision and therefore the eventual scar is located in the crease of the thigh as it borders the genitals and extends in front in the crease between the thigh and the abdomen and behind in the buttock crease.

Enough loose tissue (fat & skin) in the form of a curved crescent is removed allowing that area of the thigh to be tightened. The operation requires general anaesthesia and the patient remains in the clinic for 2 days. The sutures are removed in 2 weeks.

Post-operative pain is only moderate and easily controlled with simple analgesics.

The results are obvious to the patient quite early and are very gratifying.

The patient is limited in her activities for about 3 weeks (driving, exercising etc).