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  Eyelid Reduction (Blepharoplasty)

This is a procedure that has a dramatic effect on the appearance of the individual.

With aging (or sometimes in young people with a familial tendency) the eyelids develop excessive skin and fat which bulges behind the skin. The excess tissue on the upper eyelid makes the application of eye shadow difficult due to smudging. Also the overhanging of skin folds produces further tiredness and interference with the field of vision.The eyebags on the lower eyelids are due to a kind of herniation of excess fat from the eye-socket.The proportion of excess fat to skin varies from one individual to another.

Eyelid Reduction Before

Eyelid Reduction After


Both upper and lower eyelids are usually affected simultaneously. The patient looks older, tired or even unwell.

The procedure leaves no residual scars and is done under local anaesthesia with mild sedation. The scar on the upper eyelid is placed in the natural crease and on the lower eyelid just below (1-2mm) the eyelashes.
Excess of skin and fat are removed through the incisions described above The patient stays for a few hours in the clinic and then goes home. There is absolutely no postoperative pain according to the vast majority of patients.
The sutures are removed within 5 days and the bruising is over within one week to 10 days. Strenuous physical effort must be avoided for about 10 days or so. The scars on the eyelids within a few months become virtually invisible due to the nature of eyelid skin and also their location

The results are dramatic and most gratifying for the patient and equal those of a face-lift. Unlike the face-lift the results in eyelid reduction last for rest of the patientís life.