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  Soft Tissue Augmentation


There are numerous substances but without doubt, Hyaluronic acid has become the most prominent and useful of these substances because of its effectiveness and virtually total lack of complications.

It is not taken from animals or humans but it is fully synthesizable. It is a natural constituent of human skin. Unlike collagen which was the original ‘filler’ substance it produces no allergic reactions. It is an extremely effective means to extinguish wrinkles ranging from those of shallow depth to those that are quite deep. It is most frequently used for the wrinkles stretching from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds), those between the eyebrows and also in other locations on the face such as the upper lip,on the chin and elsewhere. Often, old scars from acne or otherwise are amenable to this treatment.

It is an office procedure requiring around 15 minutes. The first treatment lasts an average of 5 months but each subsequent one extends this interval so that after 3-4 treatments one can expect to repeat it on a yearly or even longer basis.

The cost effectiveness is indisputably far superior to even the best cosmetic cream in view of the radical and immediate effect on the wrinkle.The patient leaves the doctor’s office with an already dramatically improved wrinkle which continues to improve over the next few days due to the absorption of water from the neighbouring tissues.


For very deep wrinkles or losses of subcutaneous tissue e.g. from accidents, severe infections or tissue necrosis the use of fat-cells taken from the patient herself is preferred. Since they are harvested from the patient herself these cells are really grafts which are placed in the areas where there is a need to build them up.The principle is the same as when a skin-graft is taken from a patient and placed elsewhere on he body.

The fat is taken with a small cannula (tube) with the aid of local anaesthesia, from a suitable area of the patient, (often the hips or waist). It is centrifuged to purify the fat by separating it from the local anaesthetic and blood and is then inserted in the areas on the face which need to be augmented.

The patient experiences swelling such that may require her to remain at home for 5-7 days until it subsides. There is a moderate bruising which resolves during the above period. Not all the transplanted cells are expected to take but those which do stay for ever. If necessary the procedure may be repeated after a few months for further building up of the area. There is only minimal pain with this procedure.