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  Nose Reduction

Nose Reduction Before

Nose Reduction After

This operation is one of the commonest cosmetic operations. It aims at correcting unsightly noses resulting from accidents or more frequently from heredity. The operation is done through a nostril and therefore there are no external scars to be seen.

The anticipated result is carefully discussed with the patient taking full consideration of her expectations. Any limitations to the result as expected by the patient must be pointed out and clarified. The philosophy that should be adopted by both patient and surgeon should be minimalistic, that is it should aim at correcting the visible defects such as a hump or a widened nasal bridge and should avoid innovative alterations of the entire nose which would be out of character with the individualís overall facial appearance.

Excessive tissue which may be bone or cartilage is removed and the bones themselves are shifted to a new position. The operation is done under general anaesthesia and requires an overnight stay in the clinic. If there is evidence of a distorted nasal septum which also affects the breathing of the patient the operation is best undertaken jointly with an Ear,Nose and Throat surgeon.

A splint is applied for 10 days. The nostrils are packed with soft gauzes for 3 days. Surprisingly, there is no post- operative pain for the vast majority of patients. The eyelids usually may be bruised for a few days but this clears up before the plaster splint is removed.
The nose will be slightly swollen for a few months but this will not be evident to the casual observer. The patient herself will be noticing however this swelling steadily settles with the passing of time. Strenuous exercise must be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

Generally the aim is to reduce the overall size and to straighten the profile which often is curved.