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Gynaecomastia Before

Gynaecomastia After

Sometimes the male breast becomes larger due to an abnormal increase in its glandular tissue.

This increase is not uncommon during adolescence but in most cases it subsides by age 18.

In the adult male, if this problem appears a cause from hormonal disorders, tumours, liver disease or medications must be excluded. Also very frequently, in obese patients, the enlargement is mainly due to deposition of fat.

Gynaecomastia is a source of severe embarrassment for the young male but additionally there may be also some discomfort and even pain. Its correction provides immense psychological relief for the patient.


The operation is done under general anaesthesia and involves an overnight stay. A pressure garment must be worn for 3 weeks. The operative scar is placed at the perimeter of the areola with the normal skin and involves only the lower semicircle of the areola.

The entire breast gland is removed from each side and both are sent for histological examination to exclude the presence of malignancy which however is very rare.The sutures are removed after 12 days or so. Within months the scars become inconspicuous and continue to improve thereafter for a couple of years.

In some instances where the enlargement is due solely to fat, then liposuction may be employed making discrete holes through which a canulla is inserted and excess fat is sucked out.

The results are permanent since there is no breast gland left for subsequent enlargement or even fat deposition.

Gynaecomastia Before

Gynaecomastia After