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  Breast Enlargement


This is nowadays the commonest of all cosmetic procedures. It is characterised by a very low incidence of complications and a high index of patient satisfaction.

Generally, two groups of women request breast enlargement. The first is those women who never had an adequate amount of breast tissue and the second those women whose breasts became smaller as a result of pregnancies, weight loss, increasing age etc This operation bestows tremendous psychological benefit to those women.

It must be stressed that no exercises, creams, medicines or even hormones can solve the problem of small breasts and it is most unfortunate that women with small breasts are allowed to be deceived through the above means.

Breast Enlargement Before

Breast Enlargement After 

Breast Enlargement Before

Breast Enlargement After

The commonest type of implant is that which is filled with soft silicone gel which has the same consistency as the natural breast.

Nowadays the rough-surface (textured) is preferred because it is associated with much less hardening than the smooth-surfaced ones used previously.

Silicone implants have been shown beyond the slightest doubt through a multitude of scientific studies in the US and Europe not to cause cancer, or other diseases .Also, the old myth about silicone implants bursting in airplanes is absurd as well as scientifically impossible. Implants are compatible with breast feeding.

The operation is done under general anaesthesia and requires an overnight stay at the clinic.

Traditionally, the incision is placed in the natural crease between the breast and the chest wall and on balance, this site is more advantageous than those of the nipple or the armpit. It becomes invisible quite soon becoming lost in the usual bra markings on the chest wall and has fewer potential problems such as infection, haematoma, loss of sensation etc.

Breast Enlargement Before Breast Enlargement After

The implant may be placed behind the muscle (especially in those women with little breast tissue) or in front of the muscle and immediately behind the gland.

The patients within a couple of months become totally unaware of the implants inside their bodies.

Some pre-existing asymmetries between the breasts may be corrected or minimized but in others this may be impossible. The recovery of the patient is quite fast and within a week or so she can return to her daily routines. The pain is minimal and well controlled with analgesics ,if at all necessary.

Complications such infections and haematoma are very infrequent. Overall, it is a very gratifying procedure rectifying a problem that causes a serious psychological disability for a woman.