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  Breast Lifting

  This operation corrects sagging breasts without actually changing their size in any way. It must be stressed that no exercises, creams, etc can rectify a sagging breast although heavy advertising results in patients unnecessarily wasting a lot of money and time.

Many women who had children and or also lost weight have droopy breasts where their nipples face downwards and certainly below the level of the crease which the breast makes with the chest wall. This condition when it exists can be quite disturbing for the woman concerned.

In other words, there is a disproportion between the actual gland mass which has shrunk and the skin that surrounds it which is very redundant.

The operation aims at lifting the nipple to a higher and normal position while at the same time it removes the redundant skin. If the breast resulting from the above operation would still be small for the patient, then implants may be inserted at the same session.

The scars post-operatively are similar to those that result from breast reduction but tend to be shorter.

The patient spends a night in the clinic and the post-operative pain is usually mild. A supportive brassiere is worn for 3-4 weeks post-operatively. Nipple sensitivity may potentially be altered to a variable degree in a small number of patients but this, in the vast majority, is only temporary and may involve only one side, if at all.

This operation provides very gratifying results for those patients whose preoperative clinical findings make them suitable for it.

For obvious reasons the operation may be delayed if a woman has not yet completed her family.